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Peer Reviewed Article

Vol. 3 (2018)

Cryptocurrency-Based Loyalty Programs for Enhanced Customer Engagement



Loyalty programs based on cryptocurrency have become viable for companies looking to improve client interaction in the digital age. This study examines the potential benefits of cryptocurrency-based loyalty programs for increased customer involvement and the strategic and policy consequences of implementing them. Using theoretical frameworks from consumer behavior, loyalty management, and blockchain technology, the study takes a complete approach. The study looks at how customer behavior, brand loyalty, and business performance are affected by cryptocurrency-based loyalty programs through a review of previous research and case studies. According to necessary research, loyalty programs powered by cryptocurrencies encourage client involvement, promote repeat business, and develop closer bonds between companies and patrons. However, implementing these plans presents firms with operational obstacles, regulatory uncertainty, and technical complexity. Clear regulatory frameworks, consumer education programs, and measures to reduce financial risk are among the policy consequences. Overall, companies should consider the issues and concerns raised in this study. In that case, cryptocurrency-based loyalty programs can be a game-changer for improving consumer engagement and fostering enduring loyalty.


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