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International Journal of Reciprocal Symmetry and Theoretical Physics

About the Journal

International Journal of Reciprocal Symmetry and Theoretical Physics (ISSN 2308-0809) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal. It publishes original research papers, comments, and brief reviews in all aspects of theoretical and mathematical physics, with accentuation on some emerging fields IJRSTP, features reports on current developments in theoretical physics as well as on related mathematical problems. The journal is published in both print and online versions.
Presently the only digital online version is published by the name of the International Journal of Reciprocal Symmetry and Physical Sciences (IJRSPS).

Ø To provide a forum for the publication of high-quality original research work.
Ø To stimulate ingenuity by facilitating the publication of exploratory research, which is often rejected by traditional journals.
Ø To facilitate collaboration between physicists and mathematicians.

Open Access Policy
IJRSPS provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Peer Review Policy
Articles in this journal undergo a rigorous blind peer review screening system to ensures the highest standard of quality.
Article Retraction Policy
Normally publication cannot be retracted after publication. However, for any emergency cases, the corresponding author can request for retraction with a valid reason. There is a charge of 300 US$ that must be paid for the retraction or 480 US$ for the removal of any published contents. Article retraction/ removal would not ensure of removal of the publication info and PDF from any third-party databases, or indexed databases.
To submit a retraction request, go through the link here.

IJRSPS Editorial
The editors reserve the right to reject manuscripts or to require revisions of contributions. After the acceptance of a submission, the author(s) should complete the processing details prior to publication. The manuscript should be submitted as a Word file (PDF and other formats cannot be accepted). All correspondence with the editors should contain a full reference to the concerned manuscript, including: (1)  The Paper ID; (2) Title of the manuscript; (3) The name of the corresponding author.
The fields covered by IJRSTP include, but are not limited to the following:
*  Special & General Relativity
*  Elementary Particles
*  Quantum Field Theory
*  Classical and Quantum Gravitation
*  Mathematical Physics
*  Theoretical Astrophysics and Astronomy
*  Quantum Cosmology 
*  Discrete Space-Time Models
*  Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics
*  Foundational Problems in Physics
*  Reciprocal Symmetry in Fundamental Processes
*  Quaternions and Clifford Algebra in Physics
*  Atomic Physics & Nuclear Physics
*  Plasma Physics
*  Condensed Matter Theory
*  Nonlinear phenomena & chaos
*  Solitons in classical and quantum physics
*  Lasers and Cold Trapped Atoms
*  Theoretical Nanotechnology 
*  Quantum Computing
*  Quantum optics and the Coherent States
*  Other physical sciences